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My-Giveaway & My Dressing Barn CONTEST GIVEAWAY


My Dressing Barn has sponsored a giveaway contest with us :)

And the prize will be a Victoria's Secret Cosmetic Pouch worth RM59.90

How to win this??

1. Be a follower of My Dressing Barn at http://mydressingbarn.blogspot.com (1 entry)
2. Be a follower of My-Giveway at http://my-giveaway.blogspot.com (1 entry)
3. Blog about this contest in your blog. Remember to mention My Dressing Barn & My-Giveaway with links back to each respective site ( 2 entries)
4. Copy the contest banner into the blog entry with link to the contest (1 entry)
5. Place the CONTEST banner in your sidebar with link back to the contest entry (1 entry)
6. Add US on facebook - "My Dressing Barn" and Create a link of this contest in your Facebook (1 entry)
7. Visit My Dressing Barn at http://mydressingbarn.blogspot.com and tell us your 3 favourite item from their shop. Pls give names of items according to TITLE (3 entries)
8. Leave a comment on this post (here on My-Giveway) with all that you have done so I can check and give you your entry numbers :)


That's it !!
10 entries if you do all the above :)
That means 10 chances to WIN !!!

Yes.. the lucky winner will be chosen using random.org

Contest ends till Oct 31st 2009

** this is a sticky entry .. for latest entry pls scroll down **

CURRENT CONTESTANTS (raffle draw number)
Jom Makan (1-8)
em's family (9-17)
sherry (18-26)
taufidris (27-36)
juniza (37-42)
syakila (43-51)
miela77 (52-60)
asmieyra (61-70)
ejin (71-79)
qistina's mama n abah (80-89)
zai kulim (90-99)
butterfly (100-109)
mery (110-117)
item to let go (118-126)
aisyahumaira (127-135)
mrs. ndru (136-144)
mama zharfan (145-154)
bubu (155-164)
atiqah (165-173)

... CONTEST OVER... Thank you for your participation...pls wait for results :)

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : MOBS & Miela77 Contest Giveaway

Another contest brought to you by MOBS & Miela77

Here's how to join...
1. Be a follower of MOBS (http://malaysianonlinebabyshops.blogspot.com)
2. Be a follower of miela77 (http://miela77.blogspot.com)
3. Be a follower of miela's blogshop (http://miela77shoppe.blogspot.com)
4. Add these to your BLOGROLL ...
5. Make a blog entry with the title "MOBS & Miela77 CONTEST GIVEAWAY" (only this title is accepted)
6. Answer this question "I should win because...." (in english or malay)
7. Use our banner contest and add to your sidebar with backlink to this contest post.
8. Leave a comment HERE with your blog link entry :)

That's it !!! SIMPLE right?

Prizes to be won ...
UK Antivirus Formula Bio-Tech Herbal 5ML
AuraLife Perfume

WINNER will be based on most creative answer.


Deadline : Oct 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Photo + Imaginasi Contest

Phot0 + Imaginasi??

Find out more at...

Deadline : 5th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Gelang Contest

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Let's Get Organised

Any tips to share??

Share and win at...

Deadline : 19th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Anakku Ceria Giveaway Contest

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Contest Besday Gurl Baik Hati

Contest Besday Gurl Baik Hati

organised by
Ayuni Collection

To find out more.. click on...

Deadlline : 31st Oct 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Mummy Ayu 1st Birthday Giveaway

Love birthdays?

Check this contest out at...

Deadline : 10th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Mummy Aqil's Birthday Giveaway

Another birthday giveaway !!!

Find out more at...

Deadline : 25th Oct 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : My BIrthday Giveaway

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Second Time Parenthood Maiden Giveaway

Come and join their maiden giveaway contest.

Find out more at....

Deadline : 15th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Mom Blogger & JunDeco Sticker Contest

Wanna win a chance to spice up your dull and boring walls?
Find out how at...

Deadline : 31st Oct 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Charm Chameleon 1st Anniversary Contest - GO GREEN!!

Wanna win and yet be GREEN?

Find out how at...

Deadline : 15th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : LUC Giveaway

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my-giveaway CONTEST RESULT : MOBS & HKS Little Bookworm Contest WINNERS

WINNERS are out !!!

Find out if you are one of the lucky one at...

Congrats to all winners !!!

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my-giveaway CONTEST MUKA IKUT SAPE Winner

Results are out.
Are you a winner?
Find out more at...

Congrats !!

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Twin Happiness Birthday Giveaway

Find out more at...

Deadline : 18th Oct 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : Ratu Hatiku 1st Giveaway

Find out more at ...

Deadline : 10th Nov 2009

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my-giveaway NEW CONTEST : MOBS & Fashionista Mom Giveaway Contest

Hear ye !! Hear ye !!

Another CONTEST proudly brought to you by
MOBS & Fashionista Mom

The prize will be ...
One (1) OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag in Pink Coral worth RM250

All you have to do is...
1. Be MOBS (http://malaysianonlinebabyshops.blogspot.com) follower.

2. Blog about this contest with the title "MOBS & Fashionista Mom Giveaway Contest" (only this title will be accepted)

3. Make sure mention about MOBS (http://malaysianonlinebabyshops.blogspot.com) & Fashionista Mom (http://www.fashionistamom.com) and link it back (no linkback will be disqualified).

4. Put our contest banner on your sidebar with a link back to this contest page.

5. Leave a comment here with your link page.

That's it !! Simple enough?

Send in those entries NOW !!

Contest runs from NOW till 16th October 2009.
Winner will be chosen at RANDOM using random.org

GOOD LUCK and most of all HAVE FUN !!!


Find out more about the contest at....

Deadline : 16th Oct 2009

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