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my-giveway NEW CONTEST : My Dressing Barn PHOTO Contest


Dear Friends,

It's time for My Dressing Barn to give back to our customers :)

So we are organising a PHOTO CONTEST Giveaway for you.

All you have to do it take picture of you and your purchase and send it to us to win great prizes !!

Just email your name, purchase name + your pic to ...

*** MULTIPLE ENTRIES ALLOWED .. as long pic is of a different purchase :)

PRIZES to be won will be from Victoria's Secret, Liz Claiborne, GUESS and Estee Lauder and MAYBE.. just MAYBE even more :)

So HURRY !!! Send in your entries now :)

Here's a BONUS ENTRY !!!

If you have a BLOG, blog about this contest, send us your blog link and your name and the CHOSEN BLOGGER will get a mystery GIFT !!!

So what are you waiting for?
Join now ! It's so much fun and GREAT PRIZES to be won :)
NOTE : All entries be it PHOTOS or BLOG are to be emailed to....

Oh and it would help to be a FOLLOWER of our blog, click FOLLOW at the bottom left hand corner of our website... so you can get instant updates on whether you have WON or not :)


Contest LINK :

Deadline : 31st Aug 2009

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Sherry said...

check out contest http://alsomommy.blogspot.com

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