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Bringing you the latest and the craziest
... FREE contest giveaways by our very own Malaysian Bloggers!!

Love joining contest?
Love free giveaways?
Love winning?
This is the place to be :)

Organising a giveaway contest?
Not sure how the response will be?

Feel free to leave me a comment if you want your contest to be listed here.
It's FREE !!

Join us on FB :)

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my-giveway 1st Contest - BLOG CONTEST GIVEAWAY


5. karipapsayur[at]gmail[dot]com - #1
6. norazariah[at]gmail[dot]com - #1
7. shahliza94[at]gmail[dot]com - #3
8. as_abadies[at]yahoo[dot]com - #3
9. farinal82[at]yahoo[dot]com - #5
10. eus.eunos[at]yahoo[dot]com - #1
11. nonemom[at]gmail[dot]com - #5
12. honey_sapphire[at]hotmail[dot]com - #5
13. sherrygo at hotmail dot com - #8
14. kambing.huda[at]gmail[dot]com - #6
15. mamapiya[at]gmail[dot]com - #6
16. enchantressbiz[at]gmail[dot]com - #7
17. kakyong72 at gmail dot com - #5
18. ayein_smiles02[at]yahoo[dot]com - #3
19. suraya245[at]gmail[dot]com - #8
20. kolekacanghijau[at]gmail[dot]com = #3

... any more takers??

Proudly presenting to you...
My-Giveaway 1st ever GIVEAWAY CONTEST !!!

Ours is quite unique.. as we have 8 prizes to give away.
So that means, there will be 8 winners in total :)
How cool is that?

Yes... these are the prizes we are giving out !!!
Let's find out more about what we are giving away ok....

My-Giveaway #1 - Tupperware Mini
Lovely tupperware items all wrapped up and ready to be given as gifts.
Or you can use them to store your pills, or any knick-knacks.

My-Giveaway #2 - CD Pouch by DIGI
Have loads of CDs which you've been chucking away everywhere?
Go for this .. and get organised !!

My-Giveaway #3 - Car Collectibles.
This one is the famous ASTON MARTIN DBS as in the latest James' Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Are you a cars fan? This is a must for you !!

My-Giveaway #4 - Victoria's Secret
Hydrating Body Lotion
This one is a travel size pack.
Don't have a Victoria's Secret in your collection? GRAB THIS ONE !!

My-Giveaway #5 - Ladies Small Bag
This bag looks small but it can fit a long wallet nicely.
It even comes with a tiny keychain pouch that can be used to keep your coins.
Love the argyle print !!
Comes with zipper and 2 compartment !!

This one is for the kids.
But hey, Mom and Dad can use it too.
It's a DISNEY PIXAR Cars (MATER the towtruck) keychain.
Press the nose and see it LIGHT UP !!
Super cute :)

My-Giveaway #7
Ladies Monogram Tee
So cute and adorable monogramed bear tee.
Size : FREE (fits XS-S)

And lastly...
My-Giveaway #8
Yet another Victoria's Secret item.
Very hard to find.
Limited Edition.

OK.. now.. How to win this??

1. Be a my-giveaway FOLLOWER (click FOLLOW on the right hand side corner of our blog)
2. Choose ONE (1) Prize from above and BLOG ABOUT IT (English or Bahasa only as I can't read CHINESE.. kekeke) on your blog.
3. Make sure you copy the picture of the item you want and have a link back to this contest
4. Complete this sentence "I deserve to WIN My-Giveaway #(choose your gift no) because...."
5. Put up our my-Giveaway BANNER PICTURE (below) on the sidebar of your blog with linkback to us.
6. Leave your name, email address and blog write up link as a comment here.

Pls use this banner at the side corner of your blog...

Pls use this link to linkback to us....

... that's it !!! SIMPLE RIGHT?

So get blogging and GOOD LUCK !!!

Winners will be chosen BASED on CREATIVITY and not randomly.
Please note that.. thank you :)

Contest Deadline : 8th August 2009

(open to Malaysian bloggers... overseas bloggers also welcomed but should you win, you will have to bear the shipping cost.. tq)

(Note : This is a Sticky Post. For latest post, scroll down, thank you)


elmiezlin78 said...

yeay! this blog really cool!
Dear Tuan Rumah, done as requested (",)
You're welcome to : http://mimialeeya.blogspot.com/2009/07/giveaway-again.html

Name : Elmi Ezlin Derasid
Email : elmiezlin78@yahoo.com

Me said...

Salam kenal ... Thks 4 ur entry babe :)
Since ur the 1st.. u will get a SURPRISE GIFT from us. GOOD LUCK !!

elmiezlin78 said...


Atiqah said...

Hi there,
I've been updated with the latest contest via this blog..thanks for ur concern..
As you wished..this is my entry..

have a visit...


Name: Nurul Atiqah Amran
Email: sstr_izah@yahoo.com

didyrose said...

this blog is gud n i loike it very much... sure this blog is the best

u may now visit it.....


Name: Didy Roselidza Waty
Email : didyrose@ymail.com

kakyong said...

i love giveaway.. nanti ku coba buat entri ya & war2 kan tentang your giveaway ni..

Me said...

elmeizlin78 .. enjoy kan? :)

atiqah.. thx babe..gud luck ya.

didyrose.. awww.. thx thx.. ur d best too :)

kakyong .. yeah la.. cepat2 join.. mana tau ada rezeki kan? thx.

miela77 said...

Salam...daku dah wat entri di


Nama : Rozailawati Muhamad Riza
Email : Miela.77@gmail.com

nadnye said...

ku pun suka giveaway.. nanti pikir dulu...

karipapsayur said...

hello. tumpang tanya. kalau berjaya, dapat hadiah ikut yang item yang kita pilih sahaja la ye?

Me said...

hi semua.. terima kasih krn mencuba.
karipapsayur .. yep betul :)

karipapsayur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karipapsayur said...

alamak ampunn! Details diri tiada


Terima kasih daun keladi..

Email: karipapsayur@gmail.com

azzamoro said...

I've join the contest..

Name: Norazariah Azmir
Emel: norazariah@gmail.com

My entry - http://azzamoro.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-1st-ever-giveaway-contest.html

Checklist -

1. Be a my-giveaway FOLLOWER (click FOLLOW on the right hand side corner of our blog)-- DONE
2. Choose ONE (1) Prize from above and BLOG ABOUT IT (English or Bahasa only as I can't read CHINESE.. kekeke) on your blog.--DONE
3. Make sure you copy the picture of the item you want and have a link back to this contest--DONE
4. Complete this sentence "I deserve to WIN My-Giveaway #(choose your gift no) because...."--DONE
5. Put up our my-Giveaway BANNER PICTURE (below) on the sidebar of your blog with linkback to us.-DONE
6. Leave your name, email address and blog write up link as a comment here.- DONE

shahliza94 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shahliza94 said...

hai..salam kenal. nak join jugak..entry dah siap di sini:
silalah jenguk..

nama: Hasliza Ishak
emel: shahliza94@gmail.com

asmieyra said...

alamak..tak masuk ler plak..resubmit..okies..
nama; aini munira ahmad @ amieyra

hadina said...

hai ..
i dah follow mcm yg u suruh..
hopefully e/thing is correct. :)

name: zarina mohamad @ zahari
email: farinal82@yahoo.com
link: http://kasihselamanya-hadina.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-1st-contest.html

| eus | said...

hi there...

eus dh follow.. n sume syarat dh dipenuhi.. harap jenguk utk mengadili.. ekekeke..

name: yusneeza a.k.a eus
email: eus.eunos@yahoo.com
link: http://kunyitvshalia.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-1st-ever-giveaway-contest.html

Me said...

Bestnya.. ramai org join!!! Hihihi.
Kpd yg belum join, cepat2 la join... sampai 8hb Ogos tau.. masa ada byk masa lagi :)

jom makan said...

salam,saya nak join gak giveaway ni,mana tau rezeki,dapat hadiah yang dicalonkan...x menang,it's ok....

name;razipah bte.Yacob @ imanmom,

Ummi Hanie said...

Salam , sy baru jer join giveaway cool ni .
These r my details ;

Name : Hanisah Fadzil aka Ummi Hanie
email : honey_sapphire@hotmail.com
Blog Link : http://ummi-hanie.blogspot.com/2009/07/giveaway-lagi-dari-blog-my-giveaway.html

Selamat memilih ya !! TYVM . ..

Sherry said...

I am new follower :)

email:sherrygo at hotmail dot com
blog link: http://sherlovecontest.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-first-contest.html

good luck everyone!

mama tisya said...

pls vote for me di http://sereniety.blogspot.com/ utk Breastfeeding Photo Contest 2009 tq..my code BPC20 - Aimi Shalfarina aka mama tisya

HudaHassan said...

akhirnya siap gak entry tuk join contest ni.

name : nurulhuda
email : kambing.huda@gmail.com
bloglink : http://kambingbujang.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-1st-ever-giveaway-contest.html

gud luck everybody :D

anamarza said...


ni my N3 eik...tuk giveaway you ni....

Nama: Suzana
email : mamapiya@gmail.com
bloglink : http://anamarza3.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-giveaway-1st-ever-giveaway-contest.html

Cik Adik said...

ello dear,

truly really love ur blog..posted about this great blog..do visit ;)

name: Naida Haruliza Harun
email : enchantressbiz@gmail.com
bloglink : http://4leafclov3r.blogspot.com/2009/07/way-to-cool.html

thanx ;)

kakyong said...

nama : habibah yahya
email : kakyong72 at gmail dot com
link n3 : http://kakyong72.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-giveaway-blog-contest.html

oya@mamahamzah said...


een said...

saya this my entry

nama :nur azreen bt hamdan
email : ayein_smiles02@yahoo.com

k sila menjenguk yerk

oya@mamahamzah said...


nama: Surayahana Ahmad
email: suraya245@gmail.com

my entry:

jangan luper jenguk dan tinggalkan jejak ek..

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Salam phak penganjur ^_^

Moga saya tak terlewat lagi nak sertai sekali giveaway ni

Ni Detail saya ye:

Nama: Rohaini Bt Asib



Link entri:

Terima kasih anjurkan giveaway ni

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