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my-giveaway CONTEST TIPS : Johnson Baby Contest 2009


Johnson's Baby Contest
Everyone is talking about it :)

Why the hoo-haa? Coz the prize is so great !!!

But did you know EVERY YEAR there are THOUSANDS of babies joining this contest?

Wanna be among those who are shortlisted?

(do note am sharing based on my experience... am not in any way affiliated. I am also NOT saying if you follow my tips your child will get listed.. but the probability will be HIGHER).


Remember to send 2 pics of your baby !!

1. CLOSE UP (very important)
- as in baby FACE
... preferably no shoulders, no body, no feet.. just baby's FACE
.. of course with their BEST SMILE !!

See below for sample .... of GOOD PICTURES :)
Remember : FACE ONLY!!!

This one NOT SO GOOD PIC!!
(doesn't focus on baby's face... ppl will tend to look at the baseball bat and cap instead)

2. Full body - sitting, standing, etc

(note... full body shown. Simple background too !!!
Viewers FOCUS on baby!!)

Remember to send a GOOD QUALITY PICTURE !!
It doesn't have to be professionally taken.
Cute and colorful toys may be ok.
But you want ppl to pay attention to your baby not the BACKGROUND !!

If you look at this pic, you will focus on the colorful mat and spoon.. not baby :(

That's the first step to getting selected !!

For more info on Johnson's Baby Contest 2009.. visit

**** NOTE : Pictures are taken from the internet for reference purposes only.
No copyright infringement intended :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the tips..very useful :)

Me said...

Oh.. its my pleasure 2 share.
I learn from my mistake.
Although my kids never got the chance to be chosen for J&J, but am sharing from their other great winnings :)
Good luck dear and hope your baby can get shortlisted!

sha said...

thanks...u are very sweet !
I'm going to post another photo to them, 1 once photo taken by them at Jaya Jusco.

But they allow us to chose 1 photo only ...but if we send photo they need 02 photos. Weird ...???

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